Are you an Artist?

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I have never been somebody who things just come naturally to me. I have gone from craft to craft trying to be ‘good’ at something. I finally realized that I used to love art, but I stopped and followed other fads. I had become growingly frustrated with projects that required computers. I mean the Cricut software is very temperamental. I was feeling like yes, I can do that stuff but, do I enjoy it? Well no. I spent most of my time being frustrated. So, I decided to get into card making. Along the way I discovered all of these amazing things people do with markers. I watched so many hours of YouTube videos and took various online courses. Then, I practiced, and I practiced some more. I took my markers everywhere. I wasn’t doing it for others but, I was doing it for me. Boy does that make a world of a difference.

I ended up being one of the top few for recognition in this contest! Super exciting! This is my first time having that happen with any contest!

Have you ever had that moment of wow; I’ve made a lot of progress! This was my moment; I was sitting waiting for my doctor to come into the room when a student doctor came in and saw me coloring the tree seen in this card. She asks me if I’m an artist. I was shocked. I love that she used that word and I love that I’m on my way to that! There really isn’t a better compliment! Have you had that moment in life, doesn’t have to be art, if so, what was it? 

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Copic Colors used:
B34 B32 B14 B0000 C3 C1 C00 BV00
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